Neat, fast and precise cutting

C&N offer efficient and precise solutions for all of South Australia’s precision masonry and concrete wall cutting and sawing needs. With the highest quality diamond blades and our specialist equipment is matched in its quality by the work that our experienced, friendly staff carry out for our valued customers. Check out our services here:
  • Concrete and masonry wall sawing to a depth of 730mm
  • Concrete slab sawing to a depth of 730mm
  • Universal mounting of cutting tracks giving the best possible flexibility of application
  • Track mounts for precision cutting
  • Remote control operation for maximum operator safety

The services we offer above can be utilised for various different applications. Let our experienced team do the hard work so that you can benefit across any of the following processes:

  • Sawing of thick concrete walls and slabs
  • Penetrations for walkways
  • Penetrations for duct work
  • Demolition
  • Stair cutting
  • Openings for ventilation
Call the experienced and friendly team here at C&N today on 08 82341677 to discuss any of the above services and processes. Or simply fill in our quick online enquiry form here
  • Remote control track wall sawing in Adelaide
  • Safe and precise remote wall cutting with C&N

C&N Concrete Sawing & Drilling Pty Ltd is the trusted and accountable choice for remote control track wall sawing. Take a look at our gallery below to see our quality in action across all aspects of remote control track wall sawing.


C&N are the leading choice for all concrete sawing and drilling requirements, for every project large and small, anywhere in South Australia. We pride ourselves on investing in the latest sawing and drilling equipment available so that our experienced workforce can provide our valued customers with the most cutting edge service around.