We cut right to the heart of any project, no matter how tough!

When it comes to concrete and bitumen sawing, it’s experience and reliability that counts. C&N have the experienced team and expertise you need to deal with any type of project. Established in 1990 with the foundation of quality workmanship and service, our services can be employed for various projects, and across many applications, and you can rest assured that you will benefit from our professional and responsible approach.
  • Saw cutting for concrete and bitumen removal
  • Trenching for electrical and plumbing
  • Doorways, windows and air conditioning openings
  • Control joint sawing in concrete and masonry
  • Early entry Soff Cut control joint sawing in concrete
  • Cut, removal and replacement of concrete and bitumen
  • Floor and wall chasing for electrical conduit – cutting and removal
  • Control joint sawing in masonry walls
  • Saw cutting of traffic loops in bitumen and concrete
  • Saw cutting of concrete and bitumen for drainage
So for enquiries about any of the above services and processes, or for anything else, get in touch with our friendly, experienced team today on 08 82341677. Alternatively you can fill in our quick online enquiry form here.
  • Concrete & Bitumen Sawing Services in Adelaide
  • Cutting edge equipment, cutting edge workmanship

For any type of concrete sawing from floors through to walls, for any purpose from bitumen removal through to demolition and everything in between, C&N Concrete Sawing & Drilling Pty Ltd are the trusted and accountable choice since 1990. Check out our gallery below to see our range of equipment in action with our expert team!


C&N are the leading choice for all concrete sawing and drilling requirements, for every project large and small, anywhere in South Australia. We pride ourselves on investing in the latest sawing and drilling equipment available so that our experienced workforce can provide our valued customers with the most cutting edge service around.